Safe City

Policy Statement for a Safe City

It is the policy of the City of Little Rock to protect the rights of the people, ensure public order, and provide public safety through efficient delivery of services in addition to requiring the highest level of professional standards. This shall be accomplished by:
  • Providing protection through the enforcement of municipal laws
  • Providing protection from loss or damage of property
  • Safeguarding individual liberties and implementing community partnerships to foster cooperation and shared resources from other public and private agencies
  • Maintaining and improving community livability through partnerships with diverse communities by proactively addressing public safety concerns, which enhance the quality of life for all
  • Supporting programs that address the issues of children, youth and families Striving to ensure the availability and access of adequate, safe and affordable housing
  • Striving to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety
  • Providing disaster assistance in natural and man-made emergencies
  • Providing optimum service levels to the public as cost effectively as possible to maintain a safe, healthy community