Volunteers at the Little Rock Zoo

The Little Rock Zoo relies on volunteers in all areas. The Zoo offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, from interacting with guests, helping with education programs, and assisting staff in work with exhibits. 
  • Docents are frequently in the Zoo front plaza with ambassador animals, which allows visitors to learn about and interact with the animals. 
  • The teen volunteer program provides high school students with the opportunity to engage with zoo programs on a regular basis. They contribute to enrichment activities and educational programs while having hands-on learning in the fields of animal management and educational programming.
  • Animal volunteers work directly with the species at the zoo to provide enrichment opportunities.  
  • Landscaping volunteers work with plants at the zoo to ensure the proper environment for native and ecologically beneficial plant life. 
  • Special event volunteers make annual events like Boo at the Zoo possible. From event set-up to guest engagement, special events provide volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and skill sets to help the Zoo achieve its mission of providing engaging experiences that inspire people to value and conserve our natural world. 
To learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Little Rock Zoo, please visit: https://www.littlerockzoo.com/volunteer
To view the Zoo's special events calendar, please visit: https://www.littlerockzoo.com/eventcalendar

What Are We Measuring?

We are measuring the number of hours volunteers dedicated to the Zoo's programs and projects. The measurements include an aggregate number of volunteer hours as well as numbers of volunteers by program area. 

Why Are We Measuring It?

Measuring the hours volunteers dedicate to the Zoo helps us understand where our programs are most successful, where to target resources, and how we can improve. Tracking volunteer hours and admissions allows us to see which months may need additional volunteer recruitment efforts. 

How Are We Doing?

The volunteer coordinator for each volunteer program records volunteer hours each day a volunteer works. The Zoo data coordinator compiles the reports from each volunteer coordinator into one report at the end of each month.  This data will be updated, so stay tuned.