Parks & Recreation Volunteer Hours

With 63 parks and over 6100 acres of park land, it is nearly impossible for Parks and Recreation staff to maintain, beautify and provide safety for our park system.  But with dedicated volunteers, we can do it!   
From adopting a park to coaching a sports team to patrolling a park as a Volunteer Park Ranger, we provide a wide-range of opportunities for a volunteer to create and be part of the community he/she envisions.  Join us to lift your spirit, form lifelong friendships, learn new skills, make a difference in someone else's and your life while having  tons of fun doing so.  These are just a few of the benefits when volunteering with Little Rock Parks and Recreation.  
     Volunteer Opportunities
  • Adopt-A-Flowerbed, Park or Trail
  • Community Centers
  • Eagle Scout Projects
  • Golf Courses
  • Jim Dailey Fitness & Aquatic Center
  • Little Rock Marathon
  • MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History
  • Park or Trail Clean-up
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Volunteer Park Ranger                   
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What Are We Measuring?

We measure the total number of volunteer hours per program.  Our program numbers give us a monthly and annual total of hours along with the departmental savings per program, month and year. 

How Are We Doing? 

   Volunteer Hours
Our annual goal is to increase volunteerism by 2%.  The chart on the right shows how each Parks & Recreation volunteer program has contributed thus far to our total number of volunteer hours.
  Volunteer Savings
Volunteers don't only provide a valuable service, they also save the departments thousands of dollars a year.  The chart to the right shows the savings in each program.  

Why Are We Measuring This?

Our volunteers are an asset to us and we want to ensure that our programs thrive for them.  By analyzing our data, we can find out which programs are successful and which ones are not.  From there we can discover the traits of the successful and unsuccessful programs and focus on strengthening our weaker programs. 

Through the years...
Volunteers have been contributing to our Parks and Recreation Department for years.  From 2016 through 2020, volunteers have contributed 162,548 hours which is approximately $3.2 million in savings.

Karen Sykes, M.P.A., Park Ranger/Volunteer Programs Coordinator
Karen Sykes is our Park Ranger/Volunteer Programs Coordinator, serves on the board of the National Association of Volunteer Programs in Local Government  and is a Leave No Trace Master Educator.  She has over 15 years of experience managing volunteers and has been with the City of Little Rock for over 5 years.