About Little Rock Data Hub

Little Rock’s Data Hub is the City’s official open data and performance portal. Launched in 2016, our data hub displays City data sets for use by developers, analysts, residents, and more. We believe our data hub has the potential to support a range of outcomes from increased quality of life, more efficient government services, better decisions, and new businesses and services for the City of Little Rock.

What is Open Data? 

The term "data" can take on a lot of meanings or interpretations, some of which are highly technical. However, the concept of open data is very simple...to "open up" access to public information of all types, allowing the public to consume and interact with the data in a variety of ways. This data may be used to facilitate decision making; encourage innovation through the development of tools or applications to further support public data use; hold government departments and elected officials accountable and promote transparency; and much more. Little Rock's Data Hub is an initiative that exists as part of a broader commitment to our residents that is focused on creating a more efficient, effective and responsive City government.

Open Data For Little Rock Developers

Through Little Rock's Data Hub, residents and businesses are able to access data as it is added to this system for information purposes, easily create web-based visualizations based on this data and stay up to date on how the City is working to serve those who live, work and play here. In addition, private businesses, developers and programmers can freely access the same data and incorporate it into business processes, web or mobile applications and more. If you are a developer or programmer who has built such an application and would like the City to consider adding it to this site, please contact us at data@littlerock.gov