311 Service Requests

What Are We Measuring?

The volume and type of service requests that come into the City's 311 system.  Little Rock's 311 is for non-emergency service requests for our residents.  You can access 311 via phone, the City's 311 app, website (https://littlerock-csrprodcwi.motorolasolutions.com/Home.mvc/Index) or email at LittleRock311service@littlerock.gov

Why Are We Measuring It?

The City's 311 system is part of an ongoing effort by Little Rock to make city government easier and more responsive to the needs of residents, its business owners and visitors. By measuring the type and volume of requests, the City can make better use of our resources. 

How Are We Doing? 

Year over year, the number one request type, regardless of Ward is Trash Complaints and all of the Sub-Categories contained within it.  The City is focusing efforts on how staff and volunteers can work together to keep our city clean.
Data Coordinator: Danyel McNeil, 311 Service Center Manager